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PROTAX - Enzymatically induced PROTein ArabinoXylan networks in gluten-free systems.

Despite the increasing demand for gluten-free baked goods, the quality is not yet comparable to wheat or rye products. The PROTAX project aims to improve the quality of gluten-free baked goods by forming a gluten-like network in doughs.

AgriWeedClim - New weed species under the influence of climate and land use changes.

New weed species are coming to Central Europe, causing significant yield losses and control costs. The AgriWeedClim project is investigating changes in the weed flora in Central Europe.


The FUTURESOILS project works with school children to establish the link between their own food and different farming systems, and together they explore the advantages and disadvantages of "horizontal" and "vertical" farming.

TeaTime4Schools: Measuring Biological Activity in Soils with the Help of Schools in Austria

As part of the TeaTime4Schools project, students from 150 school classes worked as Citizen Scientists to collect data on the decomposition of organic material in soil.

Last updated: 29.12.2022

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