Quality management

We consider quality management to be an essential basis for our activities and management tasks in order to ensure the continuous improvement and optimization of our processes. We operate a process-oriented quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and, in the accredited area, also EN ISO/IEC 17025, EN ISO/IEC 17020 and EN ISO/IEC 17065, where applicable. In addition, standardized requirements such as the Quality Assurance Guidelines of the OMCL network, Quality Systems Framework for GMP Inspectorates, ISTA Accreditation Standard, GVP Module I Pharmacovigilance systems and their quality systems and Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 520/2012 for the pharmacovigilance system are taken into account. The accreditation scopes of the conformity assessment bodies are published at https://akkreditierung-austria.gv.at.

AGES Quality Policy

Competent and motivated employees are the cornerstone of our company's competitiveness and ensure that consumers can rely on the quality of their food, medicines, etc. Our expertise forms the basis of our services. Our expertise forms the basis of our services, which we align with the state of the art, applicable legal, scientific and technical requirements, and the needs of our customers. We offer total solutions to our customers' problems and have developed cross-divisional package services in particular to this end. We are valued by all our public and private sector customers as a customer-focused total service provider. We are constantly developing our services and methods, enhancing our innovative capabilities and ensuring that we deliver our effects and services as cost-effectively as possible. Our recipe for success is the diversity and interplay of scientific expertise and daily experience in a wide range of specialist areas under one roof. Our employees are in constant exchange of knowledge and experience with each other. Our structure (organizational structure) enables and promotes cross-departmental cooperation and the exchange of resources within the organization, in the sense of our effects and services for our customers. The objectivity of our activities is ensured by the commitment of our employees to impartiality and integrity. All employees are familiar with the relevant quality documentation, and these activities are always carried out in accordance with the established procedures and the requirements of the customers. AGES is committed to continuously improving the effectiveness of the management system and keeping it up to date for the purpose of goal-oriented planning and control of our effects, services, processes and resources at the strategic and operational level.

Last updated: 06.09.2023

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