EU-CEG Reporting obligation

The EU Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG) is an EU-wide platform for the collection of information regulated in the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD II) and the TNRSG.
This system ensures the EU-wide availability of this information for authorities, participating institutions and subsequently for citizens. Only products that have been correctly and completely reported in the EU-CEG and are subject to the scope of regulation of the TNRSG are also marketable on the Austrian market. Electronic cigarettes and refill containers (liquids) may be placed on the market no earlier than six months after complete notification.

On the website of the European Commission, companies can find general information on the EU-CEG as well as assistance on the registration and notification process. The data submitted will be handled in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 in order to ensure the greatest possible protection.

To make it easier for you to register, we have summarised further information and explanations for you. These can be found in the Downloads sector.

The Ministry of Health also provides information on the EU-CEG notification obligations on an ongoing basis.

For a notification of herbal smoke products (e.g. hemp flowers), the Guideline has been supplemented by the tab "Herbal smoke products" in the download section.

In the fields "Tobacco ingredients", in the fields "Part Type" and "Leaf Type", the field "Other" has to be selected and here

  • the variety – for hemp according to the European variety catalogue
  • the part of the plant (flowers, leaves, blossoms and leaves) concerned
  • the dates of sale shall also be indicated

Certificates regarding the THC content are not to be uploaded, as only varieties corresponding to the "EU Catalogue of Varieties for Hemp Cultivation" may be cultivated, whose THC value remains below the legally prescribed value according to the Narcotic Drugs Act.

Office for Tobacco Coordination

Last updated: 10.10.2023

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