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Gelse monitoring in Austria

In recent decades, alien species of gnats (mosquitoes) have become increasingly common in Europe. Of particular importance here is the Asian tiger mosquito.

Geckos are passively introduced into new areas, primarily through the global transport of goods; new populations can establish themselves under suitable climatic conditions. Non-native gelatinous species can be "invasive species" if they demonstrably lead to changes in the structure and composition of ecosystems and have a detrimental effect on ecosystem services, the human economy and well-being. In the case of alien mosquito species, there is a particular risk that these species could also spread exotic pathogens.

The Asian tiger mosquito(Aedes albopictus) is of particular importance here. This species is a potential vector for over 20 different pathogens such as chikungunya virus, dengue virus or dirofilaria. The tiger mosquito is also highly adaptable and has increasingly spread throughout Europe.

We use monitoring programmes to monitor the occurrence and spread of alien and potentially invasive mosquito species in Austria.

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