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Nutrient Monitoring Report 2017-2021

In order to obtain a comprehensive picture of the food supply in Austria, nutritional values (e.g. sugar, salt, fat content) and other information (e.g. addition of sweeteners) of products available on the Austrian market are systematically collected by AGES on a regular basis using a standardized method within the framework of the Austrian nutrient monitoring.

The data collection is carried out on the one hand within the framework of the Austrian project "Food under the magnifying glass" and on the other hand through cooperation with international projects.

The nutrient monitoring shows that the contents of sugar, salt and fat can vary greatly within a product group. In each product group there are alternatives with lower sugar, salt and/or fat content.

Results for the product groups "breakfast cereals," "soft drinks and teas," "meat products (sausages, cured meats) and vegan/vegetarian alternatives to sausages," and "sweetened dairy products" are presented in the 2017 - 2021 nutrient monitoring report.

Last updated: 14.09.2022

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