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Isothiazolinones in cosmetics such as water-based nail polishes, body tattoo sticks, baby wipes and other "leave-on" products

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Final report of the priority action A-028-22

The aim of the focus action was to check whether the preservatives (methylisothiazolinones and methylchloroisothiazolinones and their mixture and benzisothiazolinones) banned therein are still used in cosmetic products that remain on the skin, hair or nails.

30 samples from all over Austria were examined. These cosmetic products came from four product groups: nine water-based nail polishes, nine body tattoo sticks, seven baby wipes and other leave-on products, and five skin care creams. Eight samples were objected to:

  • Two children's nail polish sets were found to contain one of these banned preservatives (MI)
  • A body butter and wet wipes were objected to because of a prohibited fragrance
  • Further complaints were made due to missing notification and labeling deficiencies
| 1 min read

Last updated: 18.07.2022

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