Diarrheal diseases in pigs - rapid diagnosis in PED.

At the end of 2014, the porcine epizootic diarrhea (PED) virus was detected for the first time in Austria. The detection and molecular biological determination of the virus was carried out at the Institute for Veterinary Investigations of the AGES in Mödling.

The suspected diagnosis of porcine epizootic diarrhea (= syn. epizootic virus diarrhea) can be confirmed quickly and reliably using modern molecular biological methods (PCR) if the corresponding clinical symptoms occur. Testing for PED virus or other coronaviruses is carried out at the AGES Institute of Veterinary Medicine in Mödling and Linz.

Samples or dead piglets are to be sent directly to the AGES Institute in Mödling or Linz or can also be handed in at the AGES site in Graz or Innsbruck.

Information on the testing laboratories can be found here.

Further information on epizootic virus diarrhea can be found here.

Last updated: 31.08.2023

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