National Reference Laboratory for Process Contaminants

The National Reference Laboratory for Processing Contaminants in Food and Feed of AGES is primarily located in the Department of Contaminant Analysis of the Institute of Food Safety Linz.

The National Food Institute at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) operates the "EU Reference Laboratory for Processing Contaminants". The national reference laboratories of the individual Member States support this Community Reference Laboratory in their tasks and demonstrate their high level of competence at proficiency tests and workshops regularly organized by the EU Reference Laboratory.

Our services

  • Analyzing samples within the scope of food and feed control
  • Performing comparative tests and providing assistance to field laboratories (routine laboratories)
  • Development and validation of new analytical methods
  • Support for the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management in technical issues
  • Giving expert opinions


DI Armin Raditschnig

Last updated: 10.10.2023

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