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AGES Climate Day


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Austria is becoming #climatefriendly for humans, animals and plants - we are looking for creative solutions!

We are already feeling the effects of climate change: Heat days and extreme weather events such as heavy rain and droughts are becoming more frequent. Timely and active adaptation to climate change can mitigate or even prevent damage.

SAVE THE DATE: Present your project at the AGES Climate Day.

Each of us plays a role in protecting our planet and shaping a sustainable future. We are therefore looking for projects that promote climate protection or adaptation to climate change in the thematic fields of humans, animals, plants and the environment. It does not matter whether the project is still ongoing or has already been completed.You have the chance to present your project to a large audience of experts in a three-minute pitch - preferably also as a pre-produced video - on October 16, 2023 at the AGES Climate Day.Submission via the web form can be made by individuals, educational institutions, companies, organizations, associations and authorities. Briefly describe your project including objectives and benefits and most importantly how it contributes to combating climate change and its impacts. 3 projects will be presented in each thematic area and selected by a jury. Live, the winning project will be selected by the audience and the award will be presented.



  • Live presentation of the best climate protection projects per category (human - animal - plant - environment) in front of a hybrid audience
  • Online voting on andAwarding of the winning projects

The detailed program will follow shortly.

Target group

Individuals, educational institutions, companies, organizations, associations and public authorities involved in climate protection





The AGES Climate Day is designed as a Green Meeting.

Our venue is well connected to public transport, therefore we recommend to travel with the Wiener Linien.


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10:00 to 13:00



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